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The Gonza Index is the most valuable stock market in the Solar 175 universe. This vast market trades shares in all the largest space based corporations and is unique in having its home in the most exclusive postal code in Yurushi. Trillions of credits move through the machinations of this system every second making the gate-keepers of this institution some of the richest and most powerful in human history. The volatility of the Gonza Index is legendary and this flux has led to the fortunes of a few and the destitution of many. Which will you be?

Gonza Index is a fast paced, stand-alone stock trading game set in the Solar 175 universe. The game features 5 custom dice and dozens of unique pieces of art, further expanding the universe of Solar 175. This stand-alone game is available to all backers who support us at the All-in Deluxe Pledge Level! It can also be purchased as an add-on to all other pledge levels.

*Stretch goals označené Gonza Index.

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