Planet Unknown Limited Deluxe Edition ENG (Reprint + Lid)

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Předprodej (platba předem), skladem očekáváno cca 7/2024. Planet Unknown Limited Deluxe Edition + stretch goals EN. Reprint + Lid


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Planet Unknown is a competitive strategy game where players develop their own planet to preserve humanity. The game features simultaneous play, asymmetric player board and planet pairings, and both quick-setup and storage solutions.
  • Players: 1-6
  • Ages 10+
  • Playing time: 70 minutes
Limited Deluxe components:
  • Plastic Lifepods and Meteorites
  • Gametrayz for all component storage
  • Oversized wooden commander token
  • +6 Planets (also sold separately)
  • +2 Corporations (also sold separately)
Reprint Improvements:
  • Box depth increased to eliminate Lid Lift
  • Plastic components are unwashed
  • Production quality control improvements made across the entire game
See more info to learn about differences between editions and see what's in the box.

More info

 See image below if you have questions about what components are in what edition of the game.


Lazy Susan Lid

A lid to control the polyomino chaos for the gamer transporting their collection or storing their box vertically.


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