Dune War for Arrakis Playmat Kickstarter Exclusive

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Arrakis Playmat large
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Předprodej, skladem očekáváno Q4/2023. Dune War for Arrakis Playmat Kickstarter Exclusive. V EN.


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The Kickstarter Exclusive Playmat is made out of quality neoprene, with border stitching for extra durability. The Arrakis Playmat not only combines the two sections that make up the large desert boards in the core box, but it also integrates the Space and Heighliner boards that come in the Spacing Guild expansion. This makes for an impressive 111 x 71 cm playmat! Thankfully, the Spacing Guild boards are fairly non-intrusive, so if that expansion is not being used, that side area can easily be used to hold card decks or miniature reserves.





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