Bristol 1350 Deluxe + Extra Characters (Kickstarter promo)

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Předprodej, skladem očekáváno v 12/2023. Bristol 1350 Deluxe Kickstarter Edition vč. stretch goals + 9 Extra Characters (Kickstarter promo pack). V EN. Nabídka platí při platbě předem.


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Race down the streets of Bristol to escape the plague, but beware of cart-mates who may already be infected. This social deduction and light strategy game is for 1-9 players and takes 20-40 minutes. Bristol 1350 is a standalone game in the Dark Cities Series and was released in 2021. Over 50,000 copies have been sold and it was chosen as a Mensa Select game. Deluxe Edition adds 3 metal carts, 6 metal coins, the Alms mini-expansion, and 9 custom carved pawns.

9 additional characters to add to your copy of Bristol 1350. This allows players to have two character and ability options per pawn color. This is a Kickstarter/Backerkit-exclusive item and is not for sale in retail or on our website. It is not included in the standard or deluxe editions of Bristol 1350.

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